Effective IT inventory management is a challenge – but not impossible when you have the right people, process, and technology in place. All organizations want to reduce risk and cost from IT assets; they want to make the decisions based on accurate ITAM data across the entire ITAM Lifecycle. It comes down to effective IT Management, assisted by ITAM Consulting Group.

ITAM Consulting Group’s services, independent of software vendors, offers practical solutions based on years of experience. We can assist you in starting an ITAM program in as little as ten minutes, with a software vendor audit, and strategic ITAM including process implementation.  We work with your existing team to compliment their ability to deliver on their goals, and organizational goals.

Our Story


ITAM Consulting Group was born in 2016 based on over 25 years of experience in the ITAM and vendor audit space.  Beginning in 1989, where I conducted software raids on behalf of large software vendors, to developing the audit letter and building McAfee’s license compliance program, I came to learn these efforts did nothing to properly equip organizations for maximum value from existing IT assets.

In 2008, I discovered ITAM, became part of the ISO ITAM (19770) working group, built industry recognized ITAM programs and put those to work for organizations large and small.

I now dedicate my efforts to helping organizations reduce risk and cost from IT assets.  I am vendor neutral and not affiliated with any approach (except being guided by ISO ITAM and industry best-practices).