Our Approach

I’ll admit it.  Early in my career, I worked for organizations (SIIA, BSA, McAfee) that took money from end-user organizations for using unauthorized (unlicensed) copies of software.  Back then, it was called piracy.

It was in 2008 that I came to realize those audits (and lawsuits) did nothing to help organizations get more value from, and reduce risk, from existing IT assets. I believed there had to be another way, and through my research and discussions with industry colleagues, I learned of Standardized ITAM.  My move into ITAM was underway.

Since that time, my goal has never been more clear.  I work with organizations to ensure they are only using what is necessary, and in doing so, ensure that software is not over purchased and that the correct processes are in place to effectively manage software.  These efforts allow the organization to make better decisions and focus on their business versus dealing with the pain, and distraction, which comes from vendor software license reviews.

I have found that small things matter.  Engagements are the same.  Identify the problem, identify the right fix, and engage.

Give us a call to let us know what challenges you have and how we can help you solve them so that you can focus on running your business.

Our Story

Using the wealth of practical experience gathered over two decades, I launched ITAM Consulting Group in 2016 serving as a trusted advisor and subject matter expert to clients seeking to implement information technology asset management (ITAM) best practices within their organizations.

Meet the Team

ITAM Consulting Group is a new company, but its principal has over 25 years in the IT asset management space.  If you are looking for a challenging career opportunity, let me know (I’d love to share my space with a picture of you).

Every organization uses IT assets to serve itself and its customers.  Those IT assets tend not to be managed well, leading to disruption as a result of vendor audits, or worse, as a result of cybersecurity issues.

ITAM Consulting Group is all about helping you effectively manage those assets.  ITAM Consulting Group is equipped to help you reduce distractions, from implementing ITAM, vendor audits and cybersecurity issues associated with your use of IT assets – and is our singular focus.  We are vendor neutral and will work to ensure you are pleased with the outcome of our engagement.