The ITAM Implementation Starter Kit is a software asset management and resource kit that will help any organization start an ITAM program in as little as ten minutes. Often, implementation is hampered by basic things – who do I need to have involved (and why), what other departments do I need to involve (and why), where are my savings (or risk reduction) opportunities. This toolkit is purposely designed to introduce key processes to maintain compliance and reduce the cost of ownership of software assets.

This Starter Kit is aligned to ISO 19770-1 and the Microsoft Optimization Model.

Use the ITAM Implementation Starter Kit to:

  • Start a SAM project for the first time
  • Justify SAM to management
  • Prepare for a vendor supplier review
  • Achieve license compliance at minimum cost
  • Implement robust processes to maintain compliance
  • Get a SAM project back on track
  • Reduce cost of ownership of software assets
  • Lever your investment in inventory tools
  • Review and improve your SAM implementation
  • Agree and document SAM Team member roles and responsibilities
  • Implement processes for all steps in the software lifecycle

    Software Lifecycle SAM Process Areas

Key Benefits:

  • Improves SAM competence and knowledge
  • Provides a structured, repeatable process based on SAM best practices and processes
  • Aids communication between project members and stakeholders for effective teamwork

Project Management Framework

  • Track progress, create tasks and reminders and update the extensive set of pre-prepared and formatted process documents for a professional and robust SAM implementation.
  • The Project Framework uses MindManager™ to allow the SAM team to visualize, manage and document all aspects of the SAM project.
  • MindManager is an easy to use project management tool that integrates with Office to transfer information into Project, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint documents.

Ready to move forward?

Contact us today for a 15 minute complimentary demo.  If you like it, here are the details:

  1. A single license to use the framework (begin your ITAM implemenation immediately)
  2. A 30 minute help session (expires 30 days after purchase)
  3. For only $1,500 (MindJet MindManager not included)


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