ITAM programs are billed as being either immature or mature.  These terms and how they are used are highly subjective. Further, ITAM managers are pulled in many different directions leading to distraction.  The ITAM Subject Matter Experts here are equipped to review your current ITAM program.  Is your organization doing everything you can to ensure cost reductions and minimize compliance risks?

The ITAM Consulting Group approach is simple.  Based on our expertise, as auditors, and process experts, we interview key staff to ascertain answers to key questions.  We also will ask to review ITAM data, processes and communications associated with your ITAM program and come back with concrete recommendations on those areas we believe weak.  Our goal is to help you ensure that you are getting everything you can out of your existing assets in an authorized way while reducing security issues.  This approach helps the organization increase its overall governance and allow your CXO to have increased confidence in the ITAM program and team.

The typical engagement can last from one week, up to one month, depending on the scope of the engagement (including the number of sites and meetings that are necessary).

We recommend a similar engagement annually to ensure no single process, or processes, fail, which could lead to increased vendor audit activity, increased costs from acquiring more assets (including maintenance) than is needed and security risks.