For too long, vendors have leveraged audits for the simple reason that organizations have not implemented ITAM processes which can help ensure license compliance.  Not knowing what is used, installed, or installed without regard to license provisions is a recipe for vendor audit.  Implementing processes and policies, which in turn increases accountability, helps ensure that software use stays within its associated license resulting in less risk and overall better business results. Simply put, if the vendor believes the return is not there, they will move on to the next organization.

Too often, organizations spend precious time and resources only responding (and often paying) to make vendors go away.  Software vendors are in the business of selling software. Organizations fail to fix the underlying issues leading to the audit in the first place.  Through experience gained as a software vendor auditor and ISO ITAM Process expert, ITAM Consulting Group will help ensure you have globally recognized ITAM processes and are armed with reliable data that will prove to the vendor you are legal (or at a minimum, have a smaller shortfall than they may think.

Key Outcomes

  • Financial and other benefits: Designed to decrease risk and increase overall financial benefits and accountability.
  • Reduce the cost of software license audits: By implementing ISO-aligned ITAM, audit response becomes automated and predictable with low cost, high return impact.
  • Reduce the risk of audits happening in the first place: Certification of ITAM processes against the ISO 19770-1 standard can lessen the likelihood of license audit even happening.
  • Better Governance: Assurance for the CXO that the right Processes are in place to ensure lower risk from the use of IT Assets.
  • Implementation made accessible: ISO tells you what you need to do; it does not tell you how to do it.  We developed an approach to enable ISO requirements to be implemented in discreet tasks, each of those to a larger milestone leading to full implementation.

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Process:  A series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular end

  • Increases Accountability
  • Improves Reliability
  • Avoids Waste (Reducing Cost)

Business Benefits

Reduce the Risk and Cost associated with Vendor Audit – both the cost of responding to audit and the potential costs arising out of liability discovered during an audit

Reduce the likelihood of being targeted for an audit through discussions and confidence of quality data when negotiating with vendors

Empowering you during vendor renewal renegotiation by ensuring you have the processes and data in place to enable a data-driven negotiation