Organizations are not versed in knowing how to respond and effectively remediate vendor audit demands.

The number of software audits conducted on organizations will not slow down.  A recent report from Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, reported that 68% of all organizations will receive at least one audit letter this year. Forrester Research states that almost 60% of all organizations are audited more than four times each year.  As consolidation and licensing complexity continue, the demand for greater returns from end-user organizations will increase.  The ITAM Consulting Group principal knows this as he built vendor audit programs for some of the largest global software vendors.

ITAM Consulting Group Vendor Audit Service can dramatically reduce the impact on your own business by letting your people focus on their projects and goals while experts with years of knowledge in the audit space assist in reducing the costly impacts from software vendor audits. Not only can we reduce the amount of disruption and financial impact from audits, but we will also work with you from start to finish on when and how to respond so that our insight becomes your leverage with the publisher.

Our goal is to assist the organization in analyzing the audit methodology, reviewing the vendor’s results, and deriving the true compliance position, and formulate negotiation strategies, thereby reducing the impact of those figures and reduce risk and cost from vendor audits or reviews.

Vendor Audit Defense by ITAM Consulting Group is your solution that combines our expertise in software vendor audits tactics against your need to reduce financial and operational impacts.

Program Features

We understand each audit is unique.  We will custom tailor our approach to fit your needs with the continued goal of reducing the time and financial impact of the audit.

  • We’ll provide guidance on who needs to be involved and most importantly, decide who is authorized to engage with the vendor during the audit.
  • We’ll assist on inventory and entitlement discovery ensuring that only what is requested is provided.
  • We’ll ensure the vendor audit report is accurate (Gartner estimates that vendor audit reviews have errors in 75% of all cases).
  • We’ll provide guidance on successful settlement strategies with the focus being on reducing financial exposure and downstream.
  • Provide proactive assistance before audits occur in assisting you on recognizing unused software (which may be unlicensed).

ITAM Consulting Services is not an agent or a reseller for any software vendor – so our singular goal is to help you achieve the best possible outcome with the least amount of impact on your organization.